FFXIV Rp-FC on the Mateus Server.

[The Goblet][Ward 16][Plot 5]


The ORIGINAL Namazu themed, RP - focused casino, 'The Golden Whisker' !Whether you're down on your luck, or just looking to make some quick gil for that mansion we all want, come visit us for all the gambling and good times your heart could desire!

'The Golden Whisker' is not responsible for any fortunes lost during your time at our fine establishment.

NOTE: While The Golden Whisker is proud to offer games and drinks in a casino setting, as well as themed events and performances, we are first and foremost an RP-based establishment.

[The Goblet][Ward 16][Plot 5]

Logo and Graphic credits to @Ifri Daviat of Balmung.


Divine Determination

Players will guess which card the Astrologian will draw.

Minimum Bet: 1k gil
Maximum Bet: 10k gil
Payout: 1:5
Jackpot: 1, 000, 000 gil

Jackpot is received upon guessing the correct card 3 times in a row.

The Whisker Wheel

Players place a bet on a numerical value. The dealer will then make a /random roll.

Minimum Bet: 1k gil
Maximum Bet: 10k gil
1:1 If the bet is within 200 of the roll.
1:3 If the bet is within 100 of the roll.
1:5 If the bet is within 25 of the roll.
Jackpot: 1, 000, 000 gil

Jackpot is received upon guessing the exact number rolled by dealer.

Bub's Lucky Number

Both players and dealer will roll to see who can get closest to '777'. Players can “hit” to try for a higher roll. Everyone above dealer wins.

Minimum Bet: 1k gil
Maximum Bet: 10k gil
Payout: 1:2
Jackpot: 1, 000, 000 gil

Jackpot is received upon an exact, or accumulative roll of '777'.

Dizzy Whiskers

Players spin the slots and test their luck, get the same number twice or three times on the wheel and win.

Minimum Bet: 1k gil
Maximum Bet: 10k gil
ABC -> No matching numbers. 0
ABA -> Two matching number. 1:1
AAB / BBA -> Two matching together. 1:2
AAA - > All matching. 1:3
Jackpot: 1, 000, 000 gil

Jackpot is received upon an exact roll of '777'.

Casino Rules

1. No blood on the game floor under any circumstances. No exceptions.

Just make your husband lick it up, Silent. - M

I'm going to turn you into a mop instead, cat. - L

2. Patrons are not allowed to bring weapons on the game floor. No exceptions.

3. All bets are final. Losses will not be returned. Bet wisely.


Silent Veil

"As owner and proprietress of the Whisker I run the day by day business, as well as covering where I am needed during operating hours. The casino is a passion project of mine."

Muu'to Zhen

"I don't have quite the gambling addiction my sister does, but I do enjoy watching you all lose."

Layho Blightstourm

"My wife cherishes her business, so I'll protect it. However, I encourage you to break the rules, I get hungry so late at night."

Alterla Leichteschild

"Come on one more game won't hurt whats the worst that can happen ? You lose all your gil, not a chance now hurry up and place your bet."

Gara Lagara

"I'm the resident jeweler here at the Whisker. I'm also a waiter and potential front desk operator, so if you happen to think you're hearing a disembodied voice, don't panic, just look down!"

Leigh Djinn

"I take great pride in keeping watch of the Whisker, so I shall make something clear. For those that care to cause problems on the property, I will become your problem. Promptly. Otherwise, do try to have fun."

R'thipra Tia

"I bounce between all sorts of roles here, from waitstaffing to front desk to bartending. I like to keep busy, so I don't mind rushing around! Because when it gets quiet...I swear I feel fishy eyes staring at me..."

Suki Kotaro

"I am here to be the happy-go-lucky dancer to turn your frown upside down! After all, life sure can be crazy these days!"


We here at 'The Golden Whisker' is pleased to provide not only top quality games, and dining, but exceptional entertainment as well. From performers gracing our stage, to large scale events. With our own highly skilled staff on hand, and outside performers sharing their art on our stages.

  • March 10th 10:00 PM Est

  • March 24th 10:00PM Est

  • April 7th 10:00PM Est

Contact us via our Discord, or e-mail, about hosting a private event for your FC, or party.

Golden Grub


  • Battered Bateleur Wings

Extra-crispy, and double fried wings tossed with your choice of sauce. Chili pepper, Sweet and Sour, or Honey Butter.

  • Rice Cake Skewers

A savory and spicy rice cake that is charred over a hot flame to crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside perfection.

  • Mandu (Dumplings)

A steamed dumpling filled with a mix of Dhamel, and Hornbill meat that has been stewed tender and succulent in a sauce of mixed vegetables.

  • Fin ger Sandwiches

Quick and light, an order these small sandwiches made with thin slices of dzo steak, flavorful stone cheese, and walnut bread.


  • Magi-Miq'abobs

A twist on the traditional Miqo'te Miq'abobs, created by 'The Golden Whisker's own Magitek Miqo, these skewers are layers with marbled Aldgoat steak, marinated over the course of a few days to mature, seared and served medium rare, paired with fresh popotos and peppers between each layer.

  • Japchae

Sweet popoto noodles, stir-fried with thinly shredded vegetables, creamtop mushrooms, and slices of buffalo meat, with a coating of sweet and savory sauce.

  • Bibimbap (Roulette Bowl)

A bowl of white rice with various toppings ornately arranged in sections. Ground Aldgoat meat in a soy-based sauce, mixed vegetables, chili pepper paste, and a fried egg on top.

  • Aldgoat Bulgogi

A savory dish of marinated beef grilled on a flat top with thick-cut green onions, and garlic. Served with a side of white rice, and a chili pepper dipping sauce.

  • Grilled Boar Belly

Thinly sliced slabs of sweet wine marinated boar hit a hot grill to sear on both sides with a sprinkling of Ruby Sea salt. Served with a side of white rice, and a chili pepper paste dipping sauce.

  • Daily Soup/Stew

In the kitchen there is always something on boil. Be it a simple Warrior's Stew, loved by the Tribes of the Steppe, creamy Angler Stew, a steaming bowl of Baked Onion Soup, or even a ramen broth awaiting a choice of toppings, ask our wait staff what hearty bowls await you!

Group Platters

  • From The Grill

An assortment of Boar Belly, Bulgogi, Miq'abobs, and Rice Cake Skewers with both a spicy and a soy-based dipping sauce on the side.

  • Ginseng Chicken Pot

A pot of shredded chicken, ginseng, spices, garlic, rice, and scallions in a bone broth.

  • Lucky Number Wings

Extra-crispy, double-fried chicken wings tossed with all three of our special sauces, (Chili pepper, Sweet and Sour, Honey Butter) or ones of your choosing.


  • Namazu Buns

Filled pastries baked by the owner and designed after her fishy members of staff, each flavour seems to present the expression of various Namazu employees. Fillings range from Sweet Red Bean, Green Tea Custard, Egg Yolk Custard, Taro Root, Chocolate Mouse, and Orange Cream.

  • Bingsu (Shaved Ice)

A glass of flavorful thinly shaved ice with condensed milk, rolanberries, sweet red beans, mochi pieces, and a gentle drizzle of maple syrup.

Wet Your Whiskers


  • The Golden Whisker

This drink is a little slice of heaven - if gold is your desire. Doman gin mixes deliciously with golden liqueur and a smooth vermouth to make a delightfully sinful golden martini. Garnished with slices of Thavnairian golden plums, dusted with edible gold, and finished off with a twill of spun sugar - it's a visual impact to behold.

  • The Stickywhisker

As the name implies, this one is a bit... sticky. This drink is a slushy, icy mess - in the best way. Cinnamon cream meets sweet bourbon, with a dash of chocolate dust and crushed ice. Flecks of chocolate bar can be found within the drink, for a burst of satisfying chocolatey goodness. (Low alcohol content.)

  • Golden Fireball

A play on the Fireball, this beauty is made with dark, sun lemon rum, doman gin, and a heady mix of hard, golden apple ciders. Garnished with flecks of cinnamon, it's polished off with golden apple slices soaked in gin.

  • A Lady's Whisper

This blazing purple martini is a sweet delight. Rolanberry and Limsan Blueberry juices mix easily with vodka, while a splash of sun lemon finishes off the drink. Served in a glass rimmed with pink sugar crystals, and garnished with edible pink flowers.

  • Silent's Roulette

Be careful what you wish for....
This drink is bartender's choice, and the alcohol content is quite high. Drink at your own peril.

  • Wasshoi

A simple, yet sophisticated drink. Bourbon on the rocks with sun lemon juice, mixed with a simple dash of sugar. It's polished off with a few sun lemon spirals.

  • The Empty Shot

This simple shot is lightly sweet, and slightly sour. Easy on the tongue and goes down smooth. Each round of shots gets progressively stronger, until the participant taps out.

  • The Gentleman's Despair

This drink boasts notes of O'Ghomorro Berry and Rolanberry liqueur, mixed with only the best selection of cognac. Served in a snifter and garnished with the dark petals of an edible black violet.

  • Airag

Also known as Arkhi, is a Steppe import brought on by popular request, this drink is made up of fermented milk. This particular vat is brewed by members of the Kha tribe.

  • The Namazu Royale

The Royale is less of a drink....and more of a contest! This menu item is less of a traditional order and more of a casino wide challenge. During the Royale, you will be given a series of drinks in rounds - each round becoming stronger until only one is left participating. Participants that win the challenge and survive; claim the 1mil Gil Jackpot!

  • Shots(?)

How brave are you? Ask our bartender for the dice.

Non- Alcoholic

  • Bub's Delight

A simple bubble tea that comes in several flavors: Rolanberry, Sun Lemon, Cinnamon, Milk Tea, and Vanilla.

  • Sparkling Mineral Water

  • Fresh Juices

  • Doman Tea

  • Chamomile Tea

Wasshoi Entertainment

  • In-Character

From the outside looking in, 'The Golden Whisker' is nothing more than your average casino, loud and bustling and brightly lit.From the inside it is much the same, with the paper trail to prove it. Nothing more than game tables and gambling all around. Though, there are some odd comings and goings in and around the business, and the staff seem a bit too surly, a bit too wary, and just a bit too ready to go to war.Not to mention the unmarked parcels being dropped off at the front desk, hushed whispers of marks and ill-gotten gil. Employees disappear in the dead of night, only to return in the wee hours of morning, with heavy injuries and stormy looks. The proprietress maintains that she runs a legitimate business, but even her eyes flicker a mite too dangerously when someone asks the wrong questions.For those brave enough to delve into the secrets surrounding 'The Golden Whisker' and Wasshoi Entertainment as a whole, there may be riches and glory to be gained... Provided they are willing to gamble with their very lives.

  • Out-Of-Character

Since time immemorial (or at least since 2019), Wasshoi Entertainment has strived to not only offer a fun and entertaining space for dedicated RPers, but also expand and enhance the RP community through our bi-weekly casino venue.Our DMs are dedicated to creating missions and stories which can accommodate all characters and playstyles, and allow everyone from the bloodthirstiest of murderers to the most timid of pacifists to play a significant role in important events. That is, if they decide the risk is worth it.NMZU is focused not only on the thrill of intrigue, adventure, and the glory of battle, but the consequences and aftereffects of such things. Our goal is to explore and learn about every aspect of our characters through failure as well as success, comfort as well as torture, and peace as well as trauma.Members will have the chance to develop their characters naturally through interaction and involvement with other players and their storylines, through missions DMed either by the players themselves, or by a member of our DM team.If you enjoy your fantasy with a bit of brutal realism, feel free to contact us

To find the rules of the FC please follow the link here.

FC Rules

Please note that for all rules, FC-specific or otherwise, you will receive one (1) warning.

1. We require our members to be active. If you only show up for content or we only see you once in a blue moon, you're out. If something will prevent you from being around for a while, notify a member of our Admin team.2. Working in the casino aspect of the FC is expected of all members. We're only open for two nights a month, and would like for you to work at least one of those.3. While we wholeheartedly support the idea of letting your character act however they act, all OCs are expected to behave on casino nights, working or otherwise. Your OC wants to fight a patron? Wait until we're closed.4. NMZU does not accept underage members or OCs. You and your OC must be 18+. *5. You're gonna be teased, joked at, joked with, joked on, who knows. It's all in good fun. That being said, if someone asks you to stop, you stop. No questions, comments, etc.6. Be adults and communicate. If someone does something that makes you uncomfortable, talk to them. Don't let it fester. If it does, and the issue becomes an FC-wide issue as a result, you will face removal.7. Nobody can read minds here. If you want to RP with someone, message them or something. Complaints of 'nobody is RPing with me' will be dismissed if you have not done your part to find RP.8. You are responsible for your OC's storyline. If you want people involved, get them involved. Admins will not do this for you.

9. Separate IC and OOC. Your OC's life is not your life. Don't blend the two or let them bleed into each other.10. NMZU is lore-adjacent. If you have a good explanation for the lorebreaking aspects of your OC, we just might allow it. **11. Be consistent with your writing, in quality, quantity, and character actions. Do not 'stir the pot' if your OC is not that kind of person, or without good reason. Seriously.12. Do not expect the other members of the FC to compromise their character's normal behavior for the sake of making you comfortable. ***13. Heavier, darker themes are a significant part of NMZU storylines. If you want sunshine and rainbows, this isn't the place for you.14. Barring circumstances preventing it, your character's skill and allowance sheets must be done ASAP if you wish to participate in FC-wide storylines. If these are not done, we will not allow you to participate.15. IC actions will have IC consequences. If you prefer a place where your OC can be severely injured one day and completely fine the next, this isn't the place for you.16. Do not post nsfw screenshots or art in the discord. If you have some nsfw art you want to share, do it over DMs.

*We know certain races come of age before 18 in-game. We don't care. Either your character is 18+ or you shouldn't be here.
**For any questions or concerns on what is and is not within our lore restrictions please feel free to reach out.
***Obviously there are limits to this, and if someone's OC crosses a serious line, bring the problem to an Admin immediately.


Interested in joining Wasshoi Entertainment?

For any questions please contact us via
Discord, or e-mail.

Please note that neither <NMZU> or 'The Golden Whisker' will accept members or employees who are under the age of 18.